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With the mission of promoting Vietnamese brands, HAN COFFEE wants to change the view of Vietnamese coffee by bringing a complete & genuine experience of quality, unadulterated coffee. From that orientation, 3 product lines of HAN COFFEE are classified by category with relatively recognizable names and concept images: Standard - Premium - Original. In order to differentiate the brand from domestic competitors and be suitable when competing in the international market, Vietnamese materials have been chosen to accompany brand products and create character. HAN Coffee: luxurious but also very classic, traditional but also very modern.

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HAN Coffee Standard

One of the unmistakable images of Hanoi in particular and Vietnam in general is the old streets. This is the place to preserve the lifestyle and culture of the city. HAN Coffee Standard with good quality coffee and affordable prices, suitable for the majority of consumers and small cafes. The image of the old town corner creates a similarity with the product: “close, simple and suitable for the majority.”

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HAN Coffee Premium

To create the impression of HAN’s most luxurious coffee line, Indochine style with strong East-West cultural interference was chosen. Indochina has been encapsulated in a unique and very Vietnamese image: “the girl in traditional ao dai.” The colors, details and materials are carefully filtered to create the impression of a high-class, sophisticated and attractive coffee line, which is enough to conquer the guests with the best taste and personality.

HAN_Premium box

HAN Coffee Original

The image of Phuong Hoang in the Nguyen Dynasty symbolizes immortality, nobility and the king of birds. With coffee beans selected according to strict standards and sophisticated preparation, HAN Coffee Original is really for those who love and love coffee. Packaging colors with the choice of breaking in light gray color, creating the impression of a gourmet product but also very elegant and sophisticated.

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