Cici Thuong Dinh Yen Tet 2022
Phoenix start a new spring

In the past, preparations from swiftlets were extremely precious and luxurious, only for royals and royal aristocrats. Today, it is still a source of ingredients that many people want to have. Bringing the mission of giving the most quintessential products to the masses, CiCi Thuong Dinh Yen has won the trust of customers thanks to its superiority, nutrition, and enthusiasm for each food source.

Trusted to accompany in this year's Lunar New Year gift project, Direction was given the opportunity to create the brand's set of 3 Tet gifts. To express the high-quality materials from nature, Direction came up with the idea of ​​​​the phoenix reaching out to the open sea, with the tail feathers transforming into the flower. All 3 gift boxes are highly interactive, displaying products that make an instant impression when customers use the product.

Cici Thuong Dinh Yen


Promotion Design

Classy food

Tram Do

Quynh Nguyen

Van Anh Nguyen

Trang Nguyen

cici showcase 2
cici showcase
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